Venetian White - 50ml



Rublev are a manufacturer of paint who pay great attention to reviving historical colours and mediums, however they only revive the ones which work and have a place on a modern palette, this is a highly functional white and as far as we know unavailable elsewhere, a semi opaque lead white, the texture and luminosity of a lead white without the thick opaqueness. 

Rublev describes it as follows - "Venetian White is a semi-opaque white ground in a blend of pale linseed and walnut oil that provides a stiff white, excellent for mixing with colours.

According to Salter's edition of George Field's Chromatography (1869), Venetian white was a commercial name in the 19th century for a white pigment mixture composed of equal parts of lead white (basic lead carbonate) and 'heavy spar' (that is, the barium sulfate mineral barite or baryte). The names Venice white and Venice ceruse were also used for this mixture as well as for pure lead white.

We've replicated this colour for artists today without the fillers and stearates of modern whites. The white mineral barite has a lower refractive index than lead white, making it less opaque and hence well suited for mixing with other colors. Use it to make pale tints of colours without overpowering them or as a foundation for other colours."

Technical Overview

Binder: Linseed and Walnut Oil
Common Name: Lead White
Colour Index: Pigment White 1 (77597)
Chemical Name: Basic Lead Carbonate
Chemical Formula: 2PbCO3.Pb(OH)2
Common Name: Barite (Baryte)
Colour Index: Pigment White 22
Chemical Name: Barium Sulfate
Chemical Formula: BaSO4
Hiding Power: Moderate
Drying Rate: Moderate
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