• Rublev Natural Pigments
    ...the finest oil paint in the world
  • Blockx Oil Paint
    ...the finest oil paint in the world
  • Michael Harding oil Paint
    ...the finest oil paint in the world
  • Rublev Oil Paint
    ...the finest oil paint in the world


 There are few products in the world where so much dedication and passion has been involved in their creation, the finest artist's oil paints are works of art in themselves.

 Supreme Paint is different for many reasons, below are just some of them...

  • Integrity - this store was created purely because of a serious passion for paint, it is run by professional painters. 
  • The descriptions of the paint in the shop are unique in their depth and breadth, there is no other site where each paint is used and then reviewed.
  • Free postage on UK orders over £14.99
  • Only the finest quality oil paint is stocked, these truly are the best artist's oils available in the world.

What is success in painting?

I have never surfed, I have been to the the sea a lot, watched surfing on the TV, even read about it but never actually surfed. This will become more relevant later, for now what is success in painting?

  • Having your picture hung on a gallery wall?
  • Sitting back and admiring every brushstroke and feeling satisfied the painting was a success?
  • Winning a painting competition?
  • Becoming well known as a painter of substance and quality?
  • Achieving a likeness or a photorealisitic rendition of a subject?

None of the above, in my opinion, none of those answers represent success in painting.

True success can only be found in the process of painting, not before or after, only in that moment.

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How to find your painting 'language'

How to find your painting 'language'

Often the driving force of a repetitive creative acts, in this case painting, is taking your creative craft to perfection. It is trying to present an image which is closer to your truth and portrays the subject in the manner which you want.

I feel this is very important, this is my motivation to paint, that each brush stroke is closer to the truth than the last, whatever that 'truth' may be, a literal truth, an emotional truth or a spiritual truth. This is the inexhaustible battery, the desire for improvement which drives people to paint until the day they die...I know I am one of these people. 

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Arrrghh Colour!

Arrrghh Colour!

After I learnt how to draw, I started painting and began to learn that as well! You have a brush, a support and paint, simple.

However it is with paint where the real challenges start, not so much the paint (if it is good quality) but it's critical, inherent quality; colour.

So many beautiful, rich and powerful colours, so many subtle, neutral, deep ones...

At the start, you pick a subject and begin the process, and the almost infinite variety of colour blows you away, your focus is on colour and trying to represent the colour correctly. 

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