Ultramarine Blue - Green Shade - 50ml


Ultramarine pigments present a wide range of hues from violets to greens and between those colours is the entire blue spectrum. This paint is at the cool end (green) of that blue spectrum.

In masstone it is an intense dark blue, not so dark as to appear black, the blue is visible. This is a very, vibrant, deep, high chroma colour.

Ultramarine is renowned for it's transparency and this has that fine quality, spread thinly it exhibits jewel like blues, I can't see any green undertone.

It has a high tint strength providing a wide range of slightly cool blue tints, making particularly good mid-value sky blues.

This paint really captures everything this pigment can do, it is very well made with a true understanding of the pigment and paint making.

The difference between the red shade and green shade ultramarine we sell is very slight, the red shade being warmer and slightly more violet, the green shade being slightly cooler, I would say the red shade is a little more vibrant as well.

Technical Overview

Munsell - Hue 9PB - Value 0.5 - Chroma 4.5

Pigment - PB29

Opacity - Transparent

Tinting Strength - High

Binder - Linseed Oil

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Terry wetherilt
Rublev Ultramarine Blue

That saying "You get what you pay for" can be said for Rublev paints ,I've tried a number of makes and nothing compares to them , a bit like Supreme Paint company .

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