Artist's Mediums & Grounds

A cornerstone of creativity, used extensively throughout painting history. An artist's medium is added to the oil paint in order to change it's qualities in some way, whether it's opacity, drying time, viscosity, length and so on, the possibilities are truly endless.

Often a great artist would keep their mediums a closely guarded secret, special blends crafted by them to manipulate the paint in very specific ways or to create certain manners of light, some of these recipes have been discovered, for example please see the Velaquez medium in our shop. 

An important point to note is the mediums we sell have been created by the colourmen who craft our paints particularly for the paints they created and therefore work exceptionally well with them (Natural Pigments have taken this to a different level and their mediums are a true extension of the paint). If this is your initial dip into mediums I would suggest you start with the their blends or you could also start by simply adding something like stand oil to your paint and seeing how it changes. In order to get an understanding of the mediums is important to spend a little time experimenting, this time will be richly rewarded.

Mediums are something the Supreme Paint Company specialize in, we can already access some fairly obscure products, so please let us know if there is something in particular you would like and we will do our best to obtain it for you.


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