About Supreme Paint

Supreme paint was started because there was no equivalent in existence, as a painter it was frustrating to buy paint based on a name, without an accurate description or swatch, we hope to have improved that a little.

It was also born out of a deep fascination with colour and oil paint.

Supreme Paint's goals are simple;

  • Source the finest oil paints and mediums.
  • Test and use these products before offering them to our customers
  • Encourage discussion and educate people about paints and the craft of painting
  • Maintain highly competitive prices

This is why we do things a little differently to other art supply companies out there, for example we do not list every single supplier out there creating an overwhelming list of products to choose from, there is no need.

We believe our products to be the best and our suppliers the most passionate, and although there are cheaper paints out there it is a false economy, they are cheaper because there isn't as much pigment in the tube and you will need to use more of it. Also they will not be made with the care and attention of an inspired paint-making artisan.

No other website describes each colour from the perspective of an artist who has professionally used the paint, before spending money on paint, it helps to have this insight.

We want this website to become an environment for people to come to for information, insight and products, and if there is anything you would like to be able to buy, or queries you would like answered then please get in touch by using the 'Any questions?' button on the right hand side of your screen.

 All feedback gratefully received, thanks!

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