Prussian Blue (Milori Blue) - 50ml


A well known paint colour made extremely well made by Rublev, high pigment load, beautiful hue, just pigment and oil nothing else.

In masstone it is very dark almost black, but you can still see the blue in there which gives it a remarkable depth straight out of the tube. It is translucent but this may be slightly difficult to make use of apart from in the thinnest of glazes because it has so much chroma it is hard to see through.

Quite buttery in consistency. Powerful tinter, it produces a wide range of zingy, blue tints with a green leaning. This is a powerful tube of paint.

It is ground with well aged linseed oil to provide higher levels of oxidation or 'drying'.

Some interesting background from Rublev;

"Prussian blue was introduced in the early part of the nineteenth century. A German colour maker in Berlin named Diesbach accidentally discovered the black-blue of Prussian blue in 1704, thinking that his pigment would be red since it was made from cattle blood. By 1724, the manufacturing process of the pigment had spread to England and appeared in an artists’ manual by Woodard. In The Handmaid to the Artists, Dossie quoted the preparation of Prussian blue in its entirety in 1764.

Also known as Berlin blue, Paris blue, Antwerp blue, and Chinese blue."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB27

Opacity - Transparent

Binder - Aged linseed oil

Tinting strength - High

Customer Reviews

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Catrin Treadwell
A touch of drama

I can't add anything to James's really helpful review other than that I love this paint and use it when I want to add a touch of drama to my work. Beautiful!

Enion Salt.
Another gem.

I love the way Prussian blue bronzes when dry which makes it one of my favourite blues. Used on its own or mixed it's quality is obvious once you start to use it. This is one of several colours I've asked James to order for me & can only comment positively on the excellent service you receive from Supreme. The best paint & the best customer care I've experienced buying oil paints & mediums.

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