Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade - 50ml


A truly warm blue, powerful and great for working shadows in cool light. Or indeed any warm shadows, or a sunset over the sea, ahh the possibilities...

This is an intense deep reddish-shade blue colour from inorganic pigment of sodium aluminum silicate composition. It is a transparent, fine grained colour with high tinting strength. The paint is long producing slightly stringy brush marks due to the hydrophilic nature of ultramarine. This is a novel variation of this popular colour.

Ultramarine pigments are sodium aluminum silicates of the composition Na8Al6Si6O24. Small sulphur containing anions are bound as chromospheres in the interstices of the crystal lattice to equalize the charge. Depending on composition, blue, red, green or violet pigments can be obtained, the hue being altered by varying the amount of silica.

Technical Overview

Colour Index: Pigment Blue 29 (77007)
Chemical Name: Sodium Calcium Aluminum Silicate Sulfate
Opacity: Transparent
Tinting Strength: High
Drying Rate: Slow
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