Ultramarine Blue - Red Shade - 50ml


The ultramarine pigment can create colours ranging from green to red depending on how it is processed, and in that they encompass the whole blue spectrum from green/blue at one end to red/blue at the other.

This blue is at the red end of that spectrum, basically meaning it is slightly warmer and has more violet colour in it. For that reason I would strongly recommend this for anybody painting skies.

In masstone it is a deep, dark, blue, slightly higher in value than its green leaning cousin. It is a strong tinter and provides a wide range of tints from inky blue, vibrant, violets to summer sky blues. It's red leaning tendency seems more visible in the darker value tints.

It has that amazing transparency ultramarine is renowned for and used thinly presents luminous blue hues.

The difference between the red shade and green shade ultramarine we sell is very slight, the red shade being warmer and slightly more violet, the green shade being slightly cooler, I would say the red shade is more vibrant as well.

Technical Overview

Munsell - Hue 8.5PB - Value 2 - Chroma 4

Pigment - PB29

Opacity - Transparent

Tinting Strength - High

Drying Rate - Slow

Customer Reviews

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John Keates
Highly pigmented and deep blue

Very stringy, which I believe some manufacturers try to tone down, but I like it and there is a lot of pigment in there. Great to be able to get hold of this paint.

Terry wetherilt
Supreme paints

So far so good like all Rublev paints they are a cut above the rest, more expensive but to me worth paying that bit extra .

Susan Mortimer
Rublev artist oil paint

Really lovely artist Oil, will be ordering more. Good service beautifully packed thank you
Oil used on my daily painting

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