Nicosia Green Earth - 50ml


A genuine green earth made from the natural mineral glauconite sourced from Cyprus.

This is quite an impressive tube of paint, in masstone it is a high chroma, dark green. I am surprised by just how green it is for an earth. Spread thinly it displays yellow undertones and is very transparent.

It's tints are muted, green greys. The tint strength is low but it doesn't get 'lost' quite as much as Terre Verte in mixes. 

Some interesting information from Rublev about green earths;

"Most oil colours labeled "green earth" from artists' paint manufacturers do not actually contain the natural mineral, but rather is a mixture of synthetic chromium oxide green and sometimes barium sulfate with either a natural yellow ochre or yellow iron oxide. Rublev's Nicosia Green Earth contains only the actual mineral from Cyprus and linseed oil.

Green earth was used in verdaccio--a style of underpainting that uses green-grey colours to establish values for later layers of paint. Verdaccio is renowned for being particularly effective when painting flesh tones. It was popular amongst Italian Renaissance artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci who used verdaccio underpainting in his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PG23

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Transparent

Drying Time - Average

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Gorgeous green.
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