Purple Ochre - 50ml


It's masstone is quite a deep, warm, purple. To my eye there is a lot going on in this paint visually and it is quite hard to pin down the exact hue, in some lights it appears as a rich, chocolate brown in other light the blues come through more and it appears more purple.

It is a gentle tinter and provides muted lilacs when mixed with white. It is semi-opaque and paints very long being quite thin in body. The source of the pigment is the Lori province in Armenia.

Rublev have written a very informative description;

"It harmonizes perfectly with other earth colours and is impossible to reproduce by mixing other colours. It is workable paste color ground in linseed oil that has a moderate to low oil content and long, slightly thixotropic body. Being a iron oxide it is absolutely lightfast and is compatible with almost all other pigments on the palette.

Purple Ochre when mixed with black or blue furnishes grays and chocolates and is most invaluable in neutralizing greens. We believe it will not only make a wonderful addition to any palette, but become a principal colour in creating cool tints in flesh tones and landscapes."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR102

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Tinting strength - Low/Average

Drying rate - Medium

Customer Reviews

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Catrin Treadwell
Cool tints

I bought this as Natural Pigments mentions that it is helpful when creating cool tints in flesh tones. I've found this to be the case. An useful addition to my palette.

Margo Sharp


Josie White
Brilliant pigment

Only the best


Great product and great (and fast) service.

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