Mica Lead White - 50ml


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Crisp body, doesn't slump.

Mica lead white is a semi-opaque white. Lead carbonate ground in Walnut Oil with the addition of a small amount of mica. The mica changes the handling slightly making it crisper and less stringy and long. 

The mica also changes the refractive index making it semi-opaque and lends it to have a slightly higher value than a traditional lead white, so useful in highlights and making clean high value tints.

It is lead based paint and should be treated with respect, and sensible studio practice should be maintained (don't let it near children, wear gloves, don't eat and use it, don't wipe onto clothes).

Technical Overview

Pigment - PW1

Binder - Walnut Oil

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Drying Rate - Medium

Customer Reviews

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Nelson Ferreira
Flexible non-yellowing buff paint

According to my tests, this paint hardly yellows at all (unlike most of the other oil paints in the market). Containing lead white pigment, it stays flexible and shouldn't crack. Beautiful sandy beige colour, almost like a shade of Buff Titanium. The mica imparts a beautiful and subtle granular texture.

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