Blue Black - 50ml


I have struggled to find a good blue black before, Winsor and Newton make one which is passable but a long way from a handmade, high pigment paint.

This is the best one I have used, it is deep black hue with cool bluish tints. The small amount of Prussian blue in it's makeup gives a real depth to it's opaqueness, it is not a flat black. It makes beautiful violet tints.

Rublev- "Blue Black appears in the catalogues of artists’ colourmen circulated in the nineteenth century. Some references describe it as charcoal black, which may have been derived from charred vine cuttings or wood charcoal. It is often listed as a mixture of 40 parts bone black and three parts Prussian blue, which is the composition of Rublev Blue Black."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB9 / PB27

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying Rate - Average

Customer Reviews

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Kaveh Afzali
Rublev Blue Black

This ones a great mixer.It contains Prussian blue and makes lovely greens.Once again Thanks to Supreme Paint for makeing these wonderfull paints available to painters in the UK.

Catrin Treadwell
A sense of drama

A wonderful, rich, navy black. I've just used it as a background in a small still life that needed pepping up and it's worked. Maximum drama without too much effort. I'm experimenting with Rublev whites and am now tempted to try out several of their blacks...

Enion Salt.
Top quality blue black.

As with all the Rublev paints I’ve used this doesn’t disappoint. A very high quality paint that dries reasonably quickly, two days and it’s touch dry which is why I use it as a black mostly. Obviously tinting gives you some wonderful moody grey blues and dark greens when yellow is added. Excellent paint from the King of paint makers Natural Pigments and sold by the best shop The Supreme Paint Company, thank you James.

Jean Tyrrell
Top quality paint.

It’s a pleasure to use this Rublev blue/black paint. The quality is great and it arrived beautifully wrapped in a Supreme Paint box.

nicholas aldridge
Excellent blue/black

Nice for moody landscape clouds

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