Armenian Hematite - 50ml


A seriously authentic earth sourced from Armenia, this is how oil paint should be, a pigment made from carefully sourced minerals, chosen purely for their chromatic range and bound in high quality, cold pressed linseed oil with nothing else added. 

It is a deep, earthy, crimson with blue undertones in masstone, classic Hematite cool pinks in tints.

Natural Pigments description;

'This is an opaque bluish red that is fine-grained with high tinting strength. It is a low oil absorption color from hematite deposits in the Lori province of Armenia.'

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR102

Binder - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Drying Rate - Medium

Customer Reviews

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Enion Salt.
Armenian Hematite.

A wonderful dark brown leaning towards red & like all Rublev paints stunning quality. Like so many Rublev paints the quality is very difficult to put into words & really the only way you'll find out if you'd like them is to try them, treat yourself!

A beautiful red

I see this paint as a rich chocolatey red – true to the colour shown on the website. It’s beautiful and intense – a blue red but with a touch of brown (yet not dull or muddy). It’s fully opaque and handles very well.

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