Yellow Ochre Light - 40ml


A very finely ground and smooth yellow ochre. Gentle and earthy. Nice rich chroma, with good strong yellow undertones. More yellow and higher chroma than the swatch suggests.

Tinted with white provides a good range of muted yellow greys, in masstone it is a classic earthy, straw coloured, yellow. 

Almost essential on any limited palette, this version stands out for it's smoothness and the quality of the binder.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY43

Binder - Single Estate Cold Pressed Linseed Oil 

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Drying Time - Fast/Medium


Customer Reviews

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Glenn Williams
Pips yellow ochre light

A lovely clean semi transparent ochre. I found this paint very useful, it's quite delicate compared to some ochre I've used. I'll add more here when I've used it for more than just some swatches and tests but from what I've seen so far I like it.

As always the service was first class, very quickly processed and delivered especially when you consider I placed the order so close to Christmas. Very happy. Will definitely be using this company again

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