Genuine Lapis Lazuli 'Tiziano' - 40ml


Of the three shades of Lapis available from Wallace Seymour this one has the highest chroma, it is a deep, rich blue, in its depth it almost has a violet edge to it.

Sometimes when making oil paint you can maximize the chroma by keeping the particle size slightly larger, and this is the case here, so the paint has a slightly gritty feel under the palette knife.

When white is added, the tints are a substantial range of utterly perfect sky blues, due in my opinion to the slightly violet leaning hue.

It stands up well in mixes, although it feels like this paint shouldn't be mixed with any other and just be used in it's glorious purity! This is very special paint...

Available in 20ml size here

Technical Overview

Pigment - PB29

Vehicle - Single Estate Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Tint Power - Low

Customer Reviews

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Steven Stocker
Genuine Lapis Lazuli 'Tiziano

This was a big investment that did not disappoint. A unique, highly pigmented blue. Slightly gritty in use as you would expect from a natural mineral pigment.
Tints and mixes beautifully.
Arrived promptly and very well packaged as usual.

Arne Wellmann
Best artist paint supply company in the world

I have ordered with the supreme paint company several times over the last few years. Asides that the paints offered are of the highest quality and grade available, their dispatch service is second to none. A truly honest 10 out of 10 for your service. Thank you.

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