Set of Coloured Greys


This is a set of five 40ml tubes of coloured greys, they come in our presentation boxes and would make a very good gift.

They look beautiful together and are very harmonious or analogous and would obviously work very well when used together, however they are also highly functional individually.

When capturing light in painting it is these low chroma, mid-value greys which really create the illusion of light. These would be very useful in plein aire painting when the environmental conditions make it tricky to mix colours with such subtleties.

The swatch images don't do them justice, it would be hard to capture the shifting feel of these paints, I am very impressed.

The set consists of;

Blue grey, it is quite luminous which would be very hard to achieve by mixing on the palette, however at the same time it has the wonderful muted appearance of these colours.

Green grey, cooler, greener version of the blue grey again displays a vibrancy impossible to mix.

Yellow grey, a rich warm grey with gentle yellow undertones.

Orange grey, a muted flesh/terracotta hue absolutely in tune with it's siblings in both value and subtlety.

Red grey, possibly the highest chroma of the five, a pinkish grey with blueish undertones.

Technical Overview

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying Time - Medium

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