A Set of Chromatic Greys


This is a set of five 40ml tubes of coloured or chromatic greys, they come in our presentation boxes and would make a very good gift. The images show them with more chroma than the reality.

They look beautiful together and are very harmonious or analogous and would obviously work very well when used together, however they are also highly functional individually.

When capturing light in painting it is these low chroma, mid to high value greys which really create the illusion of light. These would be very useful in plein aire painting when the environmental conditions make it tricky to mix colours with such subtleties.

The swatch images don't do them justice, it would be hard to capture the shifting feel of these paints, I am very impressed.

The set consists of;

Blue grey, it is quite luminous which would be very hard to achieve by mixing on the palette, however at the same time it has the wonderful muted appearance of these colours.

Green grey, cooler, greener version of the blue grey again displays a vibrancy impossible to mix.

Yellow grey, a rich warm grey with gentle yellow undertones.

Orange grey, a muted flesh/terracotta hue absolutely in tune with it's siblings in both value and subtlety.

Red grey, possibly the highest chroma of the five, a pinkish grey with blueish undertones.

Technical Overview

Opacity - Semi-Opaque

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying Time - Medium

Customer Reviews

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Rosemary Day
Gorgeous paint

Work so well together .

John Mulberry
Chromatic greys

Im very pleased with the paints supplied, they’re exactly wha5 I wanted and delivered very promptly

Bley Hack
I love them!

Wow; gorgeous paints! They are the muted "ugly" colors I needed for my plein air landscapes, except they are totally beautiful in their own right. Now I can't paint without them! My favorite is the yellow-grey though I love them all.

Leila Anglade
Beautiful colours

I am delighted with the chromatic greys. The colors are subtle abd great to offset stronger colors or to use as intermediate tones.

Just lovely and very useful greys

My paintings just needed these greys. The Orange-grey is my favourit just now.
Thank you Supreme Paints for selling these and also sending them to Finland!

Nina Dolan
Chromatic Greys

So excited to find this wonderful paint company. Excellent service and paints

Silvana Baralha
set of greys

Excellent service!

Amazing quality

Absolutely delightful to work with those high quality colours

Angela Lock
Coloured greys

Lovely paints. Great service

Glenn Williams
My first purchase from this company

I've finally gotten around to making an order with supreme paints and am glad to say I'm very impressed.

The products ordered were as expected, and nice quality. I've not used paints made by Wallace Seymour and this order was for me to look at the quality etc. I don't usually buy paint without knowing what pigments they are made with but I took a chance. The paint has a nice feel to it and the tints are subtle and useful. The ochre was clean and one I will definitely use and buy again. I'm looking forward to trying some of the more traditional colours in the range in future.

The service from SP was outstanding. I was shocked how quickly my order arrived seeing as I placed it over Xmas week. So much so that I placed a second order the following day. Which also arrived very quickly.

I'm looking forward to making many more purchases this year.

Thank you for dealing with me so promptly and for your personal message.

Happy New year.

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