Vermilion - Abbadia San Salvatore - 40ml


Genuine vermilion oil paint freshly ground from a pigment processed in the 1970's - sourced from Abbadia san Salvatore in Tuscany, Italy, where they once mined for mercury and processed vermilion from the Cinnabar rocks.

Just pure Mercuric Sulphide pigment and cold pressed Linseed oil nothing else. Smooth in consistency and reasonably 'long' in the brushstroke. The pigment was produced in the 1970's and has been stored carefully ever since, now freshly ground into fine oil paint.

Process Vermilion produced from the base material Cinnabar, it is clean and free of any residues, perfectly bright.

The masstone is a fiery, light-red hue. It glows.

Really top notch vermilion here, the hue is comparable to Cadmium red light. Sits in the middle of this range in terms of hue.

A relatively strong tinter, the tints stand up well against Titanium white, producing a wide range of warm, pink hues. Wonderfully opaque.

Truly as good as you can get - limited supply.

The images on the left are of the miners stood outside the actual Abbadia san Salvatore mine and the town itself.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR106

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Tint Power - Medium

Customer Reviews

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John Mc Hugh
Beautiful Red!

Much lighter in mass tone than Michael hardings vermilion. Quite oily, so I squeeze it out on kitchen paper.Excellent for flesh tones.

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