Vermilion - Castel'azzara - 40ml


The brightest and lightest of the three shades of process Vermilion we sell.

Lightest meaning leaning towards orange rather than violet.

In masstone it is an almost neon, orange red. Almost comparable to Cadmium orange deep in hue. Beautiful and glowing. Opaque.

A good tinter, it has no problem in handling Titanium white and produces a wide range of pinkish tones with a peachy edge.

The former mercury mines on Monte Amiata (pictured on the left), in the south of Tuscany, Italy yielded high quality Cinnabar (natural vermilion). The Cinnabar stones were also found close to three towns on the slopes of the mountain: Abbadia San Salvatore, Arcidosso and Castel’azzara. The natural mineral material was used in the production of mercury but also ‘Process Vermilion’, a bright, pure red pigment.

The processing plant at Abbadia San Salvatore produced 26 unique shades of Vermilion. This shade is named after one of those villages.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR106

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Tint Power - Medium

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Bastin
Wallace Seymour. Vermilion, Genuine. Castell'azzara. Bright orange vermilion shade. Production 19...

At last - a vermilion capable of being the only red you need in your palette. And you really do need this vermilion in your palette. Why - because it keeps it's warmth and exquisite delicacy in tints. It's why, from before the time of the Roman empire until the early 20th century, a vermilion of this quality was in every artists palette. The cadmiums which replaced it do not come close to this wonderful pigment.

Adrian Bastin.

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