Stil de Grain - Persian Yellow - Genuine - 40ml


Stil de Grain, a historic paint rarely found today at least in it's genuine form. The pigment is made from unripe buckthorn berries (pictured on the left), in the 17th Century it was strangely known as 'pinke' which is strange because it is yellow. 

Rembrandt, Vermeer and Rubens all used this paint which clearly shows it's value as a paint. It is a brown/yellow in masstone, used more thinly it has an organic yellow hue and it's inherent transparency makes these yellow hues quite luminous which may explain it's use in glazing by the masters named above.

It stands up reasonably well when mixed with white and produces gentle yellow tints, which to me have just walked straight out of a Rembrandt painting, Stil de Grain has been found in the Rembrandt pictured opposite.

It can be fugitive i.e. not entirely lightfast this can be mitigated by using it with litharge or black oil, this combination would make a delightful glaze in portraiture. For this reason it maybe of more interest to artists engaged with historical and natural pigments.

Technical Overview

Pigment - NY 13 / Stil de Grain

Opacity - Transparent 

Drying Time - Slow

Binder - Linseed Oil 


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