Oxford Bluestone - Native Earth - 40ml


From the very impressive range of 'Native Earths' from Wallace Seymour. This is like no other oil paint I have come across. One word, tactile.

Gritty and quite dense for an earth, it has a dark green masstone. When pulled into a thinner layer with a palette knife, yellowish green transparent hues emerge embedded with almost black particles of the pigment. Quite frankly if you covered a canvas with just this paint you would have a deeply interesting piece with subtleties and nuances I can't even begin to describe. This is an experiment I am going to try.

Although Bluestone is quite a generic name, the rocks of Stonehenge are also classed as Bluestone so who knows what magic might happen when you start using this paint. Thoroughly recommended for those who appreciate quality and substance.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Oxford Bluestone/Native Earth

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying Time - Fast/Medium



Customer Reviews

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Enion Salt.
Interesting paint.

Anyone who is used to very smooth buttery paint is in for a surprise when they try this. It's a thick dark earthy green that's quite gritty. Personally I like it as it gives you an alternative type of paint which is very interesting to use. I've used it mixed with Chrome yellow and Oleogel to create some interesting backgrounds for some of my Abstract pieces. Also good to use paint where the pigment has been sourced in the UK.

Jiří Vávra
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