Mermaid Egg, Ironstone - Hand Dug - 40ml


Hand dug, selected for it's suitability to make excellent paint and nothing else, this is true oil paint as made throughout history by all those concerned with authenticity and quality.

The rock Ironstone is full of Iron Oxide, hence it's name, this particular source is from Whitby, North Yorkshire. Historically used for the production of iron it makes perfect oil paint, the colour in umbers, siennas, ochres all come from variations of Iron Oxide. 

In use the hue and feel is like a gritty Raw Sienna with transparent Yellow Ochre hues coming through, quite frankly I am amazed by the qualities of the hue and that the pigment is sourced in England, maybe Siena in Italy isn't the best source of Sienna.

In masstone it is a much darker brown almost verging on a Raw Umber but slightly higher value, applied thinly it's transparent qualities bring out those delightful earthy yellows. 

You can feel the pigment in the paint, it is gritty, a quality I really like, giving the paint substance on the canvas and on the brush.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY43

Opacity - Semi-Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil 



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Jiří Vávra
Mermaid Egg, Ironstone - Hand Dug - 40ml from Supreme Paint

Exceptional quality and beauty.

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