Ingleton Green Earth - Hand Dug - 40ml


An authentic paint from the 'Native Earth' range of oil paint from Wallace Seymour.

Selected for colour, hand dug out of the ground, processed and ground into oil paint, like people have done for millennia until the industrial revolution and globalization, this is a step backwards and it feels very good! 

Ingleton in England is very near to where Wallace Seymour are based, inspired by their surroundings and using their skills in paint making they have produced this delightful greenish/grey earth oil paint. 

It is truly unique. Fairly smooth in texture, with a surprisingly deep almost 'camo' green masstone, as soon as it is applied thinly though it's transparent nature allows a lot of light through and it shows it's wash like, green grays. It is very, very gentle in terms of tint power and soon disappears under the 'violence' of Titanium White, a combination which is almost criminal to do this hue. This belongs alongside other high quality earths and being used for the most gentle temperature adjustments in mixes.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Native Earth/Green Earth

Opacity - Transparent

Binder - Linseed Oil




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