Hardraw Scaur - Hand Dug - Native Earth - 40ml


From the range of 'Native Earths' this is how paint should be, local rocks and minerals selected for their colour qualities, crushed, washed, sieved and ground into oil paint. Utterly unique to Wallace Seymour.

Like many of these Native Earths, its qualities are quite hard to pin down, which to my mind is a sign of quality. Homogenous, buttery, highly processed paint this isn't and all the better for that.

In masstone it is a very dark black/green. In tints with white added, it produces a range of almost neutral greys, albeit with greenish undertones. Stands up well in mixes for an earth, it has the gritty texture present in these paints which I am falling in love with. It's pretty lean in body.

It would be perfect for plein aire paintings alongside other earths.

Hardraw also has the highest single drop waterfall in England!

Technical Overview

Pigment - Native Earth/Too unique to classify!

Opacity - Semi-Transparent 

Binder - Linseed Oil

Drying Time - Medium 


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monique verhagen

nice color , wallace seymour paint is excellent . verry happy with it .
quick and fast delivery of the product.

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