Green Gold - 40ml


An excellent colour, a paint made with the pigment PY129. In masstone a warm, dark, grassy, green, for me really comes into it's element in thin applications when wonderful luminous, earthy, golden hues appear. In tints with white it creates almost sulphurous, yellow/green hues. Plenty of body with a slightly gritty feel, I really like this paint.

Surely a must have for landscape painters, I can think of no way of mixing a colour like this, while maintaining it's chroma and cleanliness.

It reminds me of the other Azo pigments, which when used transparently seem to produce a huge range of luminous hues which almost magically appear out of a rather dullish masstone.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY129

Opacity - Transparent

Drying time - Medium

Binder - Linseed Oil 


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