Cadmium Red - 40ml


Not much introduction needed here, this is the red which has been used extensively by most artists for roughly the last 100 years, being a 'primary' it is fairly essential on most palettes. Although I do feel slowly it will be replaced by the Pyrrole pigments, but for now it is the red.

It is expensive, however not all Cadmium reds are the same. This particular one really is the best I have tried, probably due to the high pigment load, and lack of fillers and binders. It is crafted by hand in small batches with great attention to quality and feel of the final product. It is velvety and rich with a slight purple tint. Seriously opaque.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR108, Cadmium Sulphoselenide

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Buttery

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