Titanium White - 40ml/110ml


The modern white, available in a 40ml or a 110ml tube, this version is seriously pigment rich and milled in Safflower oil to avoid 'yellowing' with age. It is also the best Titanium White I have used.

The very high pigment loading in this makes one of the most substantial titanium whites out there, it has real body.

It really works with the rest of the Langridge range of paints to bring out extremely vibrant tints from pigments like the Arylides and Quinacridones. 

Opaque with a beautiful stiff consistency reminiscent of Lead White.

Titanium White is truly a cornerstone of modern painting.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Titanium Dioxide / Zinc Oxide, PW6 / PW4

Vehicle - Safflower Oil, Consistency - Dense Stiff

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