Violet Outremer - 35ml


Violet ultramarine is a vibrant, transparent, violet. This particular pigment is of French production.

It is a great cheaper alternative to Cobalt violet, the masstone and tints are very similar in hue also it is a stronger tinter than the cobalt enabling a wider range of possibilities.

The masstone is a rich deep purple, and the tints with white are warmish, lilacs.

It is made by calcining (heating) ultramarine blue pigment and therefore exhibits some characteristics of ultramarine blue, particularly it's useful and beautiful transparency.

An excellent choice for the landscape painter given it's harmony with ultramarine blue you could make some delightful harmonius shifts between the two.

As with all Francois's paint, it just pigment and oil and is milled to bring the best out of the pigment, which makes this extremely high quality paint and excellent value.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PV15

Vehicle - French Linseed Oil

Opacity - Transparent

Tint Power - Medium


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