Blanc No.1 - 35ml


A unique mixing white as far as I know, this is a combination of three white pigments created to reduce some of pure Titanium white's less desirable qualities.

You can tell this is made by a practicising painter as it is designed as a solution to a problem found in the painting process.

Primarily Titanium white, there is also some Zinc to reduce the tendency to produce chalky mixes and some Barite to take the coldness off and slightly warm the paint.

This paint is ground in French Walnut oil to provide maximum clarity and less tendency to yellow over time.

In handling it is looser and silkier than other whites and doesn't have the 'thickness' of a standard Titanium white, I like this very much.

Technical Overview

Pigments - PW4, PW6, PW21

Vehicle - Walnut Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Drying Time - Medium

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