Blanc de Titane - 35ml


Titanium white ground with French walnut oil for extra clarity and vibrancy, the walnut oil being clearer and less likely to yellow over time than linseed, this is the only version we sell made with walnut oil.

Cold and opaque, Titanium white is the modern mixing white.

This version is very smooth and stands up well, I would say it is slightly less than buttery in handling and paints 'longer' than most others. An excellent white for use without mediums.

Made by hand with absolutely no fillers or extenders. If you are still using mass manufactured Titanium white full of various fillers, try a tube of this and you will notice a big difference.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PW6

Vehicle - Walnut Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Drying time - Slow/Medium

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