Vert Olive - 35ml


An earthy, warm, yellow-green, the yellow oxide mixes perfectly with chromium green to create this hue. It subtlely warms the somewhat cool chromium green.

Interestingly, chromium green was a pigment used in US currency printing, however I prefer the link in the name to the humble olive.

Rich in masstone, with a lovely shifting yellow-green hue. Its tint power is middling and it produces really cracking greyish, green tints.

Good one for landscape painters, it's going straight into my pleinaire box.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PG17, PY42

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque


Customer Reviews

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Enion Salt.
Wonderful hue.

I’m a big fan of Olive green which when I first started painting with oils was one of my three favourite colours. The other two were Yellow ochre & Burnt Sienna.
This olive green is more delicate than the W&N version I was using before & I prefer it for this reason & it’s a very pleasing calming colour to look at & has already enhanced a painting I completed recently. I’m a big fan of Schaal’s paints & would certainly place them a very close second to Rublev with the Earths I’ve tried. I think when you get to the high quality level that James sells then it’s going to be very subjective which is your favourite brand, I can see this as others number one. Highly recommended.

Karim Smith

Vert Olive has a gorgeous delicate soft green hue that could be applied to any genre of painting. Highly recommended! Am a great fan of Schaal's oil paint anyway. The order was packed effectively and swiftly delivered; the usual excellent service by James at Supreme Paint.

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