Cobalt Blue - 40ml


This paint is made from the same blue pigment as used on Chinese porcelain vases and is perfect for painting blue skies - blues in oil paint seem blessed with some very beautiful hues and this is one of the best.

Introduced at about the same time as ultramarine, Cobalt Aluminate is a synthetic inorganic spinel. Spinel comes from the Latin word spinella, a diminutive form of spine, in reference to its pointed crystals.

In masstone it is a marginally cooler blue than ultramarine, with a fresh, lively appearance. The tints formed when white is added are wide ranging, being a good tinter - it produces a range of mid-temperature summer sky blues.

Technical Overview

Pigment PB28.

Very Fast Drying. Semi-Opaque. Excellent Lightfastness. Average Oil Content.

Customer Reviews

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Terry wetherilt
A must Blue

Out of all the blues it’s the one for me l do use others but I find it excellent for landscape painting.

Mr M Taylor
Cobalt blue

It's cobalt blue for sure!

Rublev Cobalt Blue

Bought as a present for my Dad , his favourite paint. Superb quality..Exceptional service
Thank you

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