Warm Light Yellow - 40ml


In masstone a warm, very light, orange/yellow white.

The real paint has slightly more chroma than swatch opposite suggests.

On it's own I would guess it would have a little too much chroma to use as a warm mixing white, however adding a little to your mixing Titanium white would counteract the sometimes oppressive coolness of straight Titanium White and I see it being excellent for that purpose.

It is a beautful colour in it's own right.

Michael's description;

"My Warm Light Yellow is the solution to artists needs for a white with a tinge of yellow. Perfect for mixing colours, using in portraits, landscapes and non-figurative works. The consistency is gorgeous with easy brush strokes, coverage and opacity, a soft beautiful light."

Technical Overview

Pigments - PW6 & PY42

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Opaque

Tint Power - High

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