Unbleached Titanium Dioxide - 40ml


After yellow ochre, this is my favourite hue it just asks to be experimented with, I find it will slightly 'grey' mixes in a very subtle way, which can be difficult to do with complementaries. It is just a pleasure on the eye, it would take a long time to find all the subtleties you could create with this paint using other hues.

Before Titanium Dioxide is refined to make it white it contains a measure of Iron Oxide, which gives it a subtle linen or limewash pinkybrown shade. As well as making it a good drier, such a presence makes this paint an ideal ground or underpainting colour, with good texture and a lean surface. Some painters use it as a mixing agent in flesh painting.

Technical Overview

Pigment PW6.1.

Fast Drying. Opaque. Excellent Lightfastness. Low Oil Content.



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