Balsam Essential Oil Medium - 118ml

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This smells beautiful. Balsam essential oil medium is composed of Canada balsam, pale bodied linseed oil and spike oil. Add to oil paint for enamel-like effects (gloss and greater colour saturation), to achieve glow in glazes and to facilitate fusion of the colours and brushstrokes.


Add a small amount of Balsam Essential Oil Medium to your paint to make it brush out more eas­ily, adhere bet­ter to pre­vi­ous layers, and dry more quickly. Balsam Essential Oil Medium can be thinned with spike oil or turpentine. Mixed directly into paint on the palette, it gives colours a flowing consistency yet dries to a satin to gloss finish, depending upon the amount used.

Balsam Essential Oil Medium is an excellent substitute for Ralph Mayer’s glazing medium described in his all time classic handbook, The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques, which is a medium composed of stand oil, damar varnish, and turpentine.

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Michal Markuš

Love it

Josie White
Really good

Produces amazing enamel appearance with oil paint when used in layers

Enion Salt.
A gem for glazing.

If you like glazing your paintings then this is a must. Add a few drops into your Oleogel x pigment mix & the colours in your painting will really pop.
I've also used it in mixes with just paint & some oil or Oleogel which also brings the colour out more. It also dries faster & adds strength to the paint film.
I really can't recommend this enough it's a wonderful medium & should last a reasonable amount of time. Many thanks to Natural Pigments & James.

Chris De Smet
Good product and fast shipment

Painted first time with spike oil and it was very pleasant. Hope it dries well. Thanks

Pam Gowing
Great product.

Speedy drying time. Gives a nice even finish. Pleasant to work with. It was well packaged and arrived quickly.

Alexander Ptak
First Order for Balam Essential Oil

Easy to use site and great comms all the way, will use again

Wonderful products, speedy delivery!

My first time to order and the online shopping experience was a delight. Will definitely be ordering again!

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