Gel Medium - Walnut Oil - 50ml/250ml


A non-toxic, gel, painting medium.

This is so useful and suitable for use in most painting practices. Works for glazing, underpainting and a general medium for 'extending' and making paint 'longer' in the brushstroke. I can't recommend it enough!

It is very clear, made with French Walnut oil, causing no discernable colour shift when added to paint.

The medium displays thixotropic qualities meaning as it is worked with a palette knife or a brush, it becomes more fluid. It's addition to paint doesn't affect drying times.

In my experience having a non-liquid medium with no noticeable smell is one of the great, recent, painting innovations.

Please note this is fine to use in conjunction with Linseed oil paint.

Try a tube, you won't look back!

Available in 50ml tubes or 250ml tins.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely and very useful medium

This medium gives paint a lovely satin quality that retains brushstrokes (instead of leveling them like stand oil etc) exactly as described. I like that it is made with walnut oil as this means it will yellow less than linseed oil in time and my lighter tints will stay vibrant, but it did not seem to take any longer to dry. Because it is solid on the palette it is very useful if you use a hand held palette or like to use a parallel palette. I feel like it will be really useful en plein air as well will no little medium cup to blow over. I assume I would be safely used sparingly to oil out sections (and better than using straight oil) as well- I will experiment. It is invaluable to have a completely odor free-non toxic medium that doesn't have an alkyd in it, and I trust that anything made by Schaal is of the highest quality.

Kay Ashton

I shall be shopping with you again - thank you!

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