Oleogel Oil Paint Medium


A genuine best seller and now available in large tubes!

Oleogel is a thixotropic painting medium made with linseed oil and pyrogenic silica. Thixotropic!? This means a substance which is relatively solid and as you work it, it becomes mores viscous and liquid like, much the same if you stamp up and down in the same place on wet sand on a beach.

Oleogel is a clear pale amber gel that adds transparency and thixotropic body to oil, resin-oil or alkyd paint. Add directly to your paint to give it transparency without thinning its consistency. Add pigments or extenders to thicken it for creating impasto effects that do not sink in.

Oleogel does not contain driers, so it is safe to use in oil painting without worry of cracking. When mixed with colours, Oleogel does not slow the drying time.

Oleogel adds transparency without losing the body of the paint. In the picture on the left Oleogel is in the center, Flake White on the left and a mixture of Oleogel and Flake White on the right. The Flake White is stiff, plastic and short, but when mixed with Oleogel the mixture is semi-transparent, soft, yet sculptural.


 Mix directly into your paint right on the palette.

To make your own paint with Oleogel, add directly to pigment powder until a stiff paste is obtained (almost the consistency of putty). Grind the paste with a muller on a flat surface before storing in collapsible tube. Some of its thixotropic property will be temporarily lost when grinding Oleogel with a muller, but should be restored when allowed to stand.


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Great product delivered next day

One of my favourite mediums. Really glad to have found supreme paints. It’s the only place in the uk I can source a lot of my favourite products.

Rublev Oleogel

I've been a watercolour artist for over 25 years, and now want to try my hand at oils. I nearly gave up with it because the plethora of mediums, canvasses, boards, pigments, rules like fat over lean etc etc I found all a bit confusing. YouTube is only ok up to a point!

James at Supreme Paint helped to set me straight, and recommended Oleogel as a medium I should try, along with James Seymour Oil Paint Diluent (odour free) and Glazing Medium. I've used them all and they are just the job. I've nearly completed my first oil painting and pleased with it so far.

If it wasn't for James' helpful advice and encouragement I probably would have skulked off back to my comfort zone of watercolour.

Supreme Paint Co is an object lesson on what retailers should be like: Simply, the long lost art of treating customers with courtesy, respect and patience.

Many thanks James.


Having used this I can now write that it is super to use instead of linseed oil when 'oiling in'. It needs to be applied very sparingly indeed - I use a wedge shaped makeup sponge and wipe any excess off the canvas/panel before painting. Then it gives a fabulous surface to continue painting on previously dry oil paint. I see it can be used in other ways - as a primary couche for instance in alla prima/wet in wet. I'm sure it would be great. My greatest appreciation was that the paint did not blend as it dried, which I have found can happen with other mediums (linseed oil and damar varnish for example). This means that brush strokes that I want to be clear and crisp, stay just like that!


Easy to order online and arrived pronto. Nice one.


As usual excellent service and reliability +++++++ The Oleogel is a great medium. It gives paint the fluidity and movement that you want without the quick evaporation that you would get from using turp alone. It is excellent to use as an oiling out medium for the second day of painting to the parts that have "sunken in" I have used it for years and I love oleogel

Oleogel Painting Medium Review

I was so impressed by the shipping of this company (the supreme paint) - very fast and efficient!! The medium dries a bit too matte for me to use regularly but an interesting non-toxic product, does feel high-quality. It's not my favourite oil painting medium as a prefer a more full on gloss effect, still it is a good product.


Finished using the tin today and local art shop does not stock it. Will have to order it from spendid paints. Great stuff!



Great service

Three colours and an Oleo gel

Rublev Oleo gel, Cinnabar green, Hrazdan yellow and Purple ocre paints arrived swiftly and safely (well packaged),the paints look beautiful out of the tube, unused as yet,I shall be making further orders. P.W.

Excellent products and service!

Oleogel by Rublev is a perfect choice as a medium for use with the techniques I employ. The supreme paint company supply high quality materials with excellent customer service. Even the packaging is bespoke. Well done James at SPC - five stars!

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