Aureolin (Cobalt Yellow) - 40ml


A really special, 'classic' hue this one, it is a testament to the integrity of colourmen like Michael Harding that hues such as this are resurfacing, purely due to their usefulness in the hands of a painter.

A transparent straw-ochre yellow with strange yet rich greenish undertones. It was produced in the 1850’s as an inorganic replacement for the venerable but unreliable organic yellow gum pigment known as Gamboge. In glazes and thinned layers it displays a Renaissance-like range of muted golds which, over whites, can be quite fiery, but in or over deeper layers, exhibit a mustardy, heavier patina.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY40

Opacity - Transparent

 Average Drying.Excellent Lightfastness. Average Oil Content.

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