Amethyst - 40ml


Generally I try to stay away from multiple pigment paints however sometimes they just work, like this one.

Consisting of transparent red, blue and violet pigments, this is like turbo charged Cobalt violet deep, the same crystal transparency but with more chroma.

Used thinly you get high vibrancy pink/violets with an almost neon intensity when used on a white ground.

The tints are coolish, shifting violets and lilacs.

Michael's description;

"Amethyst is a mixture of three well known colours that come together to create an extraordinary shade of violet, particularly for the exotic artists’ palette or artists who regard themselves a “colourist”. This colour has been known to evoke emotion, warmth and pleasure. Artists use Amethyst in portraits, landscapes and non figurative works.

Please forgive my pure self indulgence but after many years of artists asking for more from their violets I have tried to give them exactly what they want, a potent vivid transparent shade!"

Technical Overview

Pigments - PR122, PB29, PV23

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Opacity - Transparent

Tint Power - Average

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