Alizarin Crimson - 40ml


For me this was made for glazing, although it will lift almost any mix, a thin glaze of this over your reds and oranges will give such a beautiful, glowing intensity you will be converted to indirect painting (glazing) in a flash.

The oldest synthetic organic lake, introduced in 1868, and the only one of the coal-tar lake range to have survived in use until the present, the others having been found to be too impermanent for artistic use.

Itself a replacement for the somewhat unreliable organic Natural Madder, a dye made from a crushed plant root, which has a fascinating history, the madder plant supplied half the world's red in the 1800's, and was a massive cash crop.

Its clarity and subtly beautiful bluish undertones are unique, and, since its introduction, portraitists have greatly prized its range of cool, rather smoky hues, so also well suited for rendering facial flesh. 

Cracking value as well a tube of this goes a very long way.


Technical Overview


Pigment PR 83.


Slow Drying. Transparent. Good Lightfastness. High Oil Content.

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