Langridge - David Coles

The modern paint. Very, high chroma pigments, modern buttery handling, powerful colours.

High vibrancy and pigment loading.

David Coles is a master paint maker and his Langridge paints are leading the way in extremely high quality artist's oil paint.

Cutting edge Quinacridones and Pyrolles sit alongside the slightly more traditional Cadmiums and Phthalo's, they are all exceptional and just oil and pigment no additives.

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Quinacridone Magenta - 40ml
Quinacridone Crimson - 40ml
Perylene Crimson - 40ml
Manganese Violet - 40ml
Quinacridone Violet - 40ml
Indanthrone Blue - 40ml
Dioxazine Violet - 40ml
Ultramarine Violet - 40ml
Caput Mortuum - 40ml
Paynes Grey - 40ml
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