Ultramarine Violet - 40ml


A close cousin of the classic Ultramarine Blue, and very similar in nature.

A semi-opaque and delicate violet.

Langridge's description;

"Ultramarine Blue’s violet counterpart, this colour is deep, mysterious and elusive. Ultramarine Violet is very delicate in tints. When mixed with white’s some of the most etherial lavender hues can be achieved. Semi-opaque, highly permanent but less strident than Dioxazine with a natural tendency for use as a modulating colour."

Technical Overview

Pigment -  Sodium Aluminium Sulphosilicate, PV15

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Short Butter

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monique verhagen
ultramarine violet

excellent quality langridge oilpaint . the service is good , the product was delivered very fast , 10 points to supreme paint

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