Nickel Titanate Yellow - 40ml


Lemon Yellow would be the easiest way to describe this, a cool yellow made all the more so by a green cast, which seems to sit above the yellow almost like a glaze. Spooky!

It is opaque and ground with safflower oil, this pigment can be thought of as replacement to the toxic Barium Chromate, apart from the differing toxicity I would say it also has more tinting power than it's predecessor.

As with all the Langridge paint it's consistency is beautiful, classed as 'stiff' just try squeezing a bit of this out of the tube, a real pleasure in itself, clearly this is a paint laden with pigment and not much else. Although stiff coming out of the tube it brushes out very softly, demonstrating yet again the cutting edge of serious oil paint manufacture. Zingy, vibrant and tactile.

Technical Overview

Pigment PY53 - Nickel Antimony Titanate

Vehicle - Safflower Oil

Opaque, Consistency - stiff



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