Cadmium Yellow - 40ml

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Cadmium Yellow, well not much introduction needed here...the mixing yellow on pretty much every artist's palette since it's arrival around the turn of the last century.

However as a painter I can say not all Cadmium yellows are the same, even avoiding the hues constructed out of different pigments and the tubes full of fillers, binders etc. which we would never sell on this site, the temperature of the quality cadmium yellows varies a lot.

This is what makes this particular tube stand out, it is on the cool end of the spectrum, often they are quite warm and orange. This is exciting to me because it is much more functional on the palette and carefully used to lighten mixes rather than using white it doesn't overly warm up the colours. When used in this manner it maintains the power of the tinted mixed colours without washing them out and giving them the chalkiness which so often happens when using only titanium white to 'lighten'.

I haven't found such a cool cadmium yellow before and thoroughly recommend this one.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PY35

Opacity - Opaque

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Consistency - Buttery

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Supreme Paint , un titolo una certezza per artisti.

Ho letto solo ora l email.
Sorry, per quanto riguarda i colori ad olio, non ho parole, sono semplicemente magnifici.
Ho vuluto provare solo i primari , ora sto preparando un ordine per altri colori ad olio che mi interessano,
Grazie di tutto

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