Transparent Red Oxide - 40ml


A truly special colour, I use this with Ultramarine Blue and white to create 'greys', by varying the relative amounts of each colour you can manipulate a huge temperature range of 'greys'. The crisp transparency lends itself to glazing, magnificent for warming flesh tones. This is colour is essential on my palette.

Lanridge's description;

"A staff favourite at Langridge, this modern iron oxide exudes rich burnt treacle tones. Superfine pigment particles allow for illuminated glazing and glowing mixes of colour. A champion on the palette and especially useful for landscapes"

Technical Overview

Pigment - Prepared Iron Oxide, PR101

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Buttery



Customer Reviews

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Margaret Curry
First Class!

I haven't tried the paint as yet but fully expect it to be the same quality as previous purchases from the same maker. But my hat again goes off to the Supreme Paint Co. What can i say except their service is exceptional. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.

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