Quinacridone Violet - 40ml


The Quinacridones are a large group of saturated pigments, they started to become available in the 1950's as artists paint and were fairly quickly taken up by the New York abstract expressionist painters.

This violet is from the Quinacridone family of pigments somewhere between a Cobalt Violet and the powerful tinting strength of Dioxazine Violet.  It seems to maintain it's luminousity even when tinted with white. Langridge's description;

"An elegant modern violet with a deep burgundy mass tone and sweet violet undertones. Quinacridone Violet mixes without dominating other colours and creates cool but not cold tints compared to Dioxazine Violet. Quinacridones are some of the most stable of all available pigments, tinting and glazing can be achieved with no loss of permanence."

Technical Overview

Pigment - PV42, Quinacridone

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Soft butter

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