Pyrrole Orange - 40ml


This exquisite, extremely clean, modern pigment is a genuine alternative to Cadmium Orange. It's cleaner undertones lead to cleaner mixes, the pyrroles were discovered in the early 1980's.

It is opaque and has the covering power of the Cadmiums which is a property hard to find in other oranges. Slightly cooler than Cadmium Orange, surprisingly it has a range of pinkish tints (tints are created by adding white).

It is extremely resistant to UV and moisture, this pigment was derived from the automotive industry and was developed to be very stable. It will give a lovely glow when glazed over skin tones.

"I have very high regard for this pigment; it is everything modern pigment chemistry should be." - Quote from the excellent handprint website, where paint pigments are explored in depth and with great knowledge and experience. 

Technical Overview

Pigment - PO73, Diketopyrrolo Pyrrole

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Buttery

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