Mars Orange - 40ml


Nothing to do with the planet or the chocolate bar, Mars pigments were developed in the 19th Century as a synthetic alternative to natural earths, by removing the many other minerals present in natural ochres and umbers a purer more opaque and cleaner hue was produced.

Now for me the beauty of the traditional earth pigments is the microscopic diversity of pigment particle size, hue, and mineral content which ultimately leads to a subtle depth. However really this is two schools of painting one is the Lead Whites, natural earths, limited palettes and the other is the modern cleaner, more vibrant colours, this paint is the epitome of the second school.

For example; using a traditional yellow ochre it would be lost against arylides and quinacridones, whereas a mars pigment will 'stand up' in mixes of these colours. 

Langridge's description; 

"Mars Orange is one of the unsung heroes of the Langridge oxides. An earthy orange that blends to create elegant muted tones. Combines beautifully with white to reveal a warm golden apricot."

Technical Overview

Pigment - Prepared Iron Oxide, PY42

Vehicle - Linseed Oil, Consistency - Soft Butter

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