Chromium Oxide - 40ml


The pigment this paint is made from has a particularly lengthy and complicated production process. It was discovered around 1797 and was found on JMW Turner painting from 1812, so it has quite a heritage.

Like many of the more expensive pigments, it has gentle muted tones it is the opposite of Phthalo green in terms of tinting strength, it is a subtle paint.

Warm and gentle, it is useful as often greens can be overwhelming and artificially vibrant when used in landscape painting and it can be hard to tone them down to realistic levels, this is an easy 'way in' to obtain the huge subtle variety of greens as seen in nature.

Unlike a green such as Viridian it is very opaque, so lends body to the dark greens in landscape painting. If you are starting in landscape painting I would recommend this colour strongly.

Due to the safflower oil it paints 'short'.

Technical Overview

Pigment - Chromium Sesquioxide,  PG17

Vehicle - Safflower Oil, Consistency - Short Butter


Customer Reviews

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jacqueline Sell
a useful paint

almost a perfect base green, takes layers of darker and lighter very well

monique verhagen

the service is great , the package was delivered fast and was well packed. the paint is great .
5 stars for supreme paint

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