Cadmium Red - 40ml


Not much introduction needed here, this is the red which has been used extensively by most artists for roughly the last 100 years, being almost a 'primary' it is fairly essential on most palettes.

It is expensive, however not all Cadmium reds are the same. This particular one really is the best I have tried, probably due to the high pigment load, and lack of fillers and binders. A middle red, not being too orange or purple.

It is crafted by hand in small batches with great attention to quality and feel of the final product. It is velvety and rich with a slight purple tint. Seriously opaque.

Technical Overview

Pigment - PR108

Opacity - Opaque

Vehicle - Linseed Oil

Consistency - Buttery

Customer Reviews

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Diego Moratalla
In love with my cad

I would like to remark the great shopping experience 10 out of 10. This cadmium it is just lovely! I haven’t tested that much but so far but I can say that it has a great and pleasant texture straight out the tube, high quality oil painting, it doesn’t fade dramatically when mixed with titanium white giving rich pinky tones, the tint power is great but it allows you to be in control of your mixes, I would highly recommend it

henry kondracki
great paint ,

all the colours have been excellent , rich pure paint , strong on pigment ,
a joy to work with

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