The Zorn Deluxe Palette

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This is a set of paints based on the palette of Anders Zorn, a Swedish painter renowned for his figurative/portrait painting.

This is a deluxe version of his limited palette and historically accurate, these are the pigments he would have used, they are all handground with no additives.

The palette consists of four colours, genuine Vermilion from Mount Amiata in Tuscany, Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre, Bone Black and Lead White.

Essentially you have white and the three primary colours, the Bone Black behaves like a blue, it's blueness is remarkable when seen against the other hues. 

The variety of hues and subtleties you can achieve with these four colours is staggering.

The set offers a large saving over buying the colours individually and it comes in our lovely handprinted boxes. 

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