Rare Drawing Materials - Natural Indigo Pieces


A recent addition to our range of rare drawing materials, lumps of Natural Indigo. These are super tactile, a pleasure to hold and produce a strong mark of rich, dark blue.

This is the real deal from India, not an approximation produced by mixing several modern pigments, it is genuine, produced from the plant Indigofera tinctoria (shown opposite).

Indigo has a long, long history and contains some unpleasant moments from the era of the Empire where slave labour was used in it's intensive and unpleasant method of production.

Used in Peru in 4000 BC, mentioned by Pliny the Elder it has passed through human history in fairly constant use until relatively recently when it was replaced by synthetic dyes and pigments.

Several lumps in a 100ml container or 1 lump in a 30ml container.

Customer Reviews

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Exciting new (to me) materials to work with

Good quality indigo pieces with a piece of Tappit sandstone as a freebie. What’s not to like - great to work with for a change and the depth of colour for the indigo is wonderful.
Ordering was easy and delivery was quick with no hitches - it was a pleasure dealing with “the supreme paint company.”

Pierangela Manzetti
Indigo chalk

I absolutely love this product. The customer service is excellent too. Friendly and helpful.. Will both shop here again and will purchase more Indigo.

Eleanor Woodsford
Lovely to use

These Indigo pieces are really lovely to draw with. Try over dry paint.

Lynne Woods
A Beautiful Natural Product

I recently purchased these natural indigo chunks to experiment with and I have to say they are beautiful. A lovely colour and can be used with water for a different effect. Highly recommend

Great materials

Was thrilled to find these materials (ordered the Sanguine, Rosso and indigo), available online in the UK only previously being able to find them to order from Florence. They are lovely to use and you get quite a lot, its difficult to visualise from the weight but it's a good amount in decent sized chunks. I've done a few drawing so far and enjoy using a wet paintbrush to work into the drawing to further the variety of marks a textures.

Moira Russell

I saw a post on Instagram which mentioned Indigo pieces and the piece of work was so inspiring - I just had to have some! There are several chunky pieces in the jar and they are so tactile. They make beautiful marks and I have ideas for making my own ink using by grinding one piece up and mixing with gum arabic perhaps. The pieces are somehow much more exciting to use than pre- shaped pieces - like pastels for instance as they have different edges and feel good in the hand. Very pleased.

Stella Downing
Beautiful colour

Arrived quickly and carefully packed - looking forward to trying out these delicious crumbly blocks of pure colour 🥰

Ivan M
True Indigo Bliss

Another wonderful product stocked by the Supreme Paint Co! The chunks of velvety true indigo are a pleasure to work with. High tinting but easily diffused with a stomp or a chamois cloth. Indigo is a great compliment to a charcoal and chalk piece as it gives a great hue to the mid tones and shadows. As always the speedy delivery and the great costumer care of James at The Supreme Paint Co is by far the best in the market.

Doug Chinnery
Perfect service. Perfect product

How good to find such personal service and such hard to find materials. A great small business to deal with.

Helen Grove-White
Lovely unique product

This arrived the next day to my surprise and is lovely. A great addition to my drawing and is stimulating new work with its versatile properties.

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